Who to Follow on Snapchat

Snapchat is extremely popular, and aggressively private. The way it deletes photos after a few seconds is a great way to increase engagement on the social media platform. So what if you have just created your account and have no idea who to follow? Fret no more, this list is dedicated to the Snapchat greats, all of who you should certainly follow. You can get access to any account by hacking Snapchat.

hacking Snapchat

●    DJ Khaled – Rapper

The famous DJ and rapper has become quite a hit on Snapchat. The rapper is just pure gold on Snapchat, from his life lesson musings as he waters his plants all the way to getting lost on a jet ski. Every day’s an adventure with DJ Khaled!

●    Cyrene Quiamco – Snapchat Pro

This famous snapper quit her job at 26 to become a full time Snapchatter! As with any other social media platform, the top users are often offered brand deals for promotion. This is how Cyrene pays her bills.

●    Georgio Bassil – Student

Giorgio is a master with the Snapchat brush. Transforming boring images into colorful montages filled with monsters and beasts. Follow him for a truly artful daily snap.

●    Arnold Schwarzenegger – Actor, Terminator, and former governor of California

Does Arnie really need an introduction? Of course not. Considering the chap is 69 years old, he’s doing quite well on Snapchat! From gym selfies to behind the scenes glimpses of a celebrity’s life, following the terminator is highly recommended. Hacking Snapchat to gain access to Arnie’s account is not recommended!

●    Doug – Pug

Doug the pug is a pug named Doug. Follow his cute adventures and his daily posts of just looking stupid on walks, in laps and on the floor! Constant hilarity and cuteness overloads will be a part of your day when following Doug the pug.