The Politics of Vaping

Vaping has entered a market long controlled by tobacco companies who have invested billions (trillions? Into manufacturing, marketing and selling a now, in many ways, obsolete product. Traditional cigarettes are unconditionally more dangerous for your health than the vaporizer products and the e juice now flooding the market. Not to go too far down the conspiracy rabbit hole, but how would you expect a billion dollar industry with politicians in their pocket to react to this competitor? Probably the same way they edged out smaller tobacco companies a long time ago, regulations.

e juice

I’m not saying regulation as a concept is wrong of course, but one must understand how a large business using the levers of power in government is what leads to most unfair and anticompetitive regulations. This is something that only happens to tobacco and e juices, look at many other industries, and you will see the government passing laws that seem to create an insurmountably high number of costs to enter the market – and you will also see a revolving door between the larger companies and regulators. Simply put, big business invests in passing regulation on their own industry to make sure smaller competitors can never gain a foothold. There is strong possibility this is what’s happening to the vaping industry.

Indiana just passed a law that requires stricter standards on e juice manufacturers, only one producer in the state can meet these demands. Was there a rash of health incidents that led to this regulation? Nope, but Indiana tobacco companies do have a history of lining politicians pockets. I’m hesitant to bring this up in fear of bringing in a whole other discussion that would take this off topic, but Mike Pence was well known to have received significant sums of money from big tobacco while he worked for the government in Indiana.

Regulation is a good thing in theory, but we must be vigilant in ensuring our government isn’t being used by corporations wishing to do away with our most cherished capitalistic principles – because of all though this is business as usual in America, it’s far from capitalism.