The advantages of having a chess board table handy

All appurtenances related to the game of chess are a must for all regular and serious chess players. Chess pieces may go missing and it is still sad to see how an old deft hand must struggle to replace the missing parts. If you have never played the game of chess before, you would understand this. The sight of an odd piece is distracting to the player who must utilize all his powers of concentration to gain the upper hand in a game that could go on for hours.

There are a few advantages for him if he has his very own chess board table handy. No, there is no space for a cup of coffee. That is what coffee tables are for and sure as anything a coffee break will be called by one or the other player and it is mutually deemed agreeable to take that well deserved break. The chess board table even has a handy place to store all matching pieces, both black or white, or sometimes even brown, depending on the size, shape, make and stylish design.

chess board table

It does depend on the table too. And it is pleasing to note that designers and manufacturers have taken this into account. They have ensured that all practicalities are taken care of. Depending on the design, there is a niche in which treasured pieces can be placed. While the game is in progress, there is space on the table to which the conqueror can remove vanquished pieces. Funny thing about the game of chess. It mirrors life and the bigger geopolitical picture that seems to shape it all today.

First of the vanquished to go are always the pawns.